April 26, 2012

Parisian Macaroon Mademoiselles?

Inspired by these tasty looking parisian macaroons*, I’m more drawn nowadays into getting as much pastel colored outfit, nail shades and accessories into my wardrobe essentials. Pretty pastel hues popped out all over the stores since the beginning of the year, and I was a bit antsy at first about following this trend, but they’re everywhere! – clothes, accessories, make-up, their prettiness is taking over. From lavender, mint green, candy pink, saturated coral, sky blue and lemon yellow, what’s not to love about these feminine color palette?  I know a lot you are girly girl too like me, so let’s not be afraid to wear them.  

Pastels can be a little tricky to wear so here are a few notes from fashion stylists:
  1. Pair pastels with white and ivory (Neutral Colors)– grey is better than black. A timeless combination is pale grey and light lavender.
  2. Skip the pearls, you don’t want to look like your fairy god-mother, opt for chic modern jewelry.
  3. Avoid any ruched or ruffled pieces as they might appear a bit juvenile or prom-like.
  4. Size up - pale shades are very unflattering when worn tight, choose a next size up and wear slightly looser..
As always I’m putting inspiration looks for all you ladies out there.

Would you wear pastels? I might be breaking a lot of diet rules here but while on your way getting a new outfit you might as well try some french macaroons. 

*Like a sandwich cookie gone to finishing school, the macaroon is a delicately refined meringue-based confection made of ground almonds, sugar, and egg whites, and filled with ganache, buttercream, caramel, or fruit jam. A thin, crisp shell yields to a slightly chewy, airy interior, then a lush complementary filling.(about.com) They are available at Parvati, Bizu & French Baker.

Happy weekend everyone and bring on the soft romantic airy colors!



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