May 27, 2018

Holiday Yachting

It’s true, nothing beats the Philippines when it comes to celebrating Christmas, as soon as the BER months comes in, holiday hymns, cheers and décor will start to pop up everywhere, and people will also have that merry jolly feeling. Sadly for Filipinos oversea who are not coming home for the holidays, (me!) we scramble to make our homes, tables, even food and including our general attitude to be in that mood.  It’s double the sadness when you’re celebrating your birthday during these days that you really wish you can somehow teleport or re-celebrate your past birthdays, wished you could have done it more appreciatively with family and friends and not whine about small details over some dress or party details.  What does a girl do to have a blast, gather some really close friends and do a thing that you really wanted to do! In my case that would be yachting!  I have always wondered and hope that one day I could somehow hop into that yacht and sail away, away from the stress and busyness of the city.

With some girl friends who joined primp and style activity before, we went for it and par-tay for a day at the yacht! Happy to share our experience here.

Safety First, we were briefed about yacht rule before sailing.
Sunblock first!

Ours for the day, thanks Whitesails!

Getting ready to Sail

Mermaids for a day, we anchored at Lazarus Island to go for a swim.

A must pose on the yacht deck. 

The lower deck has this 2 sets of net, where you can sunbathe and
relax while the yacht is sailing, a fun spot to do a squad photo.

Deciding whether to jump or just pose, is
it shallow or deep. Anchored at Lazarus Island.

Wondering where I get this monokini?
There are tons of sexy, cute and fun swimwear

I say before the year ends or this coming 2017 go for what you really wish and wanted to do or experience. Trust me it will be all worth it!

Happy Holiday Ladies!


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