March 12, 2012

Color Therapy Par Deux

Happy Monday Dolls! Color really has a way with us, and most of you agree with me.  The colors choice we surround ourselves affect us more than we think. We associate colors with so many different things!  And these ladies are proud to wear their color on their sleeves, they even have meanings beyond simple visual stimulation.  

Here they are in their favorite color.

Roselle – is a budding entrepreneur, and a self confessed fashion addict. She expresses it by wearing big statement pieces, better be fun than be boring.  Why green? Shades of green are calm and soothing plus it’s the color of money, and suggests wealth”

Chayne - is still blushing from her December wedding! A very passionate woman and I feel I can never catch her with a hair out of place. Reds the one for her, it empowers the wearer. It’s also strongly associated with romance and passion, making it a perfect date-night color.

Manet – my go to girl, I can borrow anything from her closet, because we have the same style. She has a contagious laugh and pretty much my 2nd opinion when I second guess my self.  She’s not feeling blue when she wears blue, in fact this color can be peaceful and calming. It inspires her to be more creative.

Art – is a successful salon owner. Running a small business is less fun than you think, but this doll knows how to manage the day looking oh-so-good without an effort. Pink is a true girly-girl’s favorite color, but it’s also associated with romance and happiness.

A person’s clothes are the best way to find out about their personality, mood, and style of life. Colors however inspire, energize or calm us, channel some of its powers into your outfits and see what happens.

Have fun ladies and stay chic!

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