April 11, 2016

Beauty Find - Facial Oils

Hello loves, I hope everybody is having a great week start.  On the weekend I finally got hold of this precious oil – The Body Shop, Oils of Life, Intensely RevitalisingFacial Oil. Yes, like you, there was a push and pull inside me about adding this to my beauty regimen.  Why should I be putting oil on my face when I struggle to remove it all day?!  Fact: Essential oils are from botanicals, which are usually packed with antioxidants, oils can be absorbed quickly, lock in moisture, and helps prevent fine lines and even ward off breakouts. So far so good right? So when I was finally convinced that these oils don’t equal oil, I finally got one. Want to try them too, but don’t know how to choose? Here’s a quick guide:

Dry Skin – plant oils from argan, almond sunflower, rose, raspberry, primrose and avocado. These types of oil sink into your skin instantly, locks moisture leaving a smooth and radiant skin.

Normal Skin- grape seed oil and jojoba oil are antioxidants that fight off damage caused by ultraviolet light. Argan oil  contains healing and anti-aging properties to keep skin balanced.

Oily Skin - there’s an oil that actually kills bacteria and fight breakouts – tea tree oil. Over cleansing and using harsh oil control or blemish treatment strip the skin of oil making it produce more to compensate.

Aging – seaberry oil has restorative properties. Primrose, macadamia, marula, rosehip are also good for matured skin.

Started using on the weekend, face feels smoother
Facial oil can be used day or night, and these oils have an amazing scent that is calming and help to lift your mood. There are many facial oils out there, surely overwhelming for a first timer, but be sure to try before you buy, like I did. There are shops offering free samples, so better try first before purchasing a full bottle. It might help if you could ask your dermatologist if your skin is sensitive or you have allergies.

TBS gave free samples for the Oils of life

Khiels Midnight Recovery Concentrate was also
 given for free. It's amazing, love the smell.
L'oreal Extraordinary Facial Oil,
budget friendly for on $24 online

Josie Mara is available at Sephora,
and has been raved by many.
Most recommended for matured skin -
Fresh Seaberry Moisturizing Facial Oil

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