August 12, 2018

Self-Love: My weekend vacation diary

A long overdue vacation just happened and Yes, I’m back to share my short but sanative and partly idyllic vacation date I had in a long while. It’s pretty obvious that I’ve been missing a lot in social media, it’s because a major purchase was made last year, though I can’t share what it is right now, I will in the near future. Sometimes this kind of big decisions can cause deprivation of the things we really enjoy and forget to be good to ourselves. It’s because of that drive to achieve that occasionally our minds forget to be kind to our body and soul. So today let’s delve on the subject of self-love, because in this crazy hectic blurring and sometime unrealistic world we live in, it’s really important to take that time off – not once in a while but YOU REALLY HAVE TO MAKE TIME FOR IT. Whether it’s about cutting-off that annoying person (a.k.a ghosting, link here), taking a holiday or simply treating yourself to what you like is paramount to self-care/love.

Happy to be making memories with
this one!
Enumerating ways of self-care and by some degree my romantic weekend in photos below:

a.   Ghosting – discussed about it on the last entry, and I never realized just how freeing it is when I totally eliminated a seemingly harmless tattler. Turns out someone’s constant negativity unhelpfully drags you.

b.  Take a break – go on a holiday, if you don’t have a reason why, well now you do. Self-love, your body and mind need a break, it needs to unwind, relax, recharge and heal to be able to function 100% again. I been putting off having a vacation for that major purchase, but it seems feeble and definitely missing out making precious memories with that travel buddy. Ladies YOLO!

Never travelling without a hat, or another
reason to get one on your next travel.
c. Do Self-Love – Make time for days where you either give in on food and splurging on something you think you absolutely deserve. Love yourself enough to be honest with what you really want. Other ways are grooming, cooking healthy for yourself, creating a clean, organized and pleasing aesthetic home environment to make you feel more relaxed.

d.    Disengage – probably toughest but can be done, it’s what I did mostly for a few months. Staying neutral and unseen for quite some time made me focus more on people who are dear to me. It created a higher quality of link to individuals who are significant in my life. 

Above are all really simple, I guess it’s my way of just reminding you to make time for whatever brings you joy – Love yourself! And ladies, I’ve been away for a while, but I will never be permanently gone from sharing and hopefully inspiring all of you.


Top: MDS   Bottom : VGY
I've been on a health buff and contemplating
on ordering wine.
FYI just stopped raining, and happy to resume
Red Dress: The Editors Market , Leonie Ruffle
Midi dress $39 
Front design of the dress
Just needed to share this, because its not all the time glam!
I'm on a date in my tsinelas - minus 5 but who cares!
I'm with my love who absolutely think its cute

May 27, 2018

Girl Bye! Handling and Cutting off subtly toxic people

If I cut you off, chances are, you handed me the scissors.

Greeting Monday with a bold statement is such a badass, don’t you think? Hello girls I’m back! This subject has been in my drafts for some time now and since it’s my comeback(ish) article, I decided to give it a go. By nature, I’m a fixer I would probably think or bang my head a thousand times, before deciding which unfortunately sometimes lead me to a more miserable situation. My fashion advice: Less is more, which we could all probably use in terms of keeping (or not!) relationships with people. If it does not directly hurt you and the person is “not bad enough”, does it justify cutting ties? Answer, YES, it’s called self-care ladies (or DETOX?) In order to stay positive, we don’t want drama. So if you are in a situation where in you have doubts whether to pull the plug on someone or just eliminate them, here are my take on how to handle this type of situation, its easier when done the right way.

IG: wlyder11 
a. Talk - I know for some of you it’s dreadful, not all of us are confrontational. But you have to be an adult and say why you suddenly want that space or distance. Do you have that situation where on you need to rehash it with a friend to be able to feel ok again? This is the same case ladies, being able to talk or discuss it to that toxic person, weather she may like it or not is the proper thing to do. It is the other person’s problem if she does not believe or like your reasons, this way you can move forward in peace.  

b. Don’t Argue - no one likes to be cut out so there is a high possibility of anger, if the discussion gets heaty, remember you are not there to explain but to restate your boundaries. Don’t feed into it or allow it. Respecting boundaries comes naturally to well-adjusted adults, unlike toxic people which thrive on violating them. Just state your reason, you don’t need to answer why, how or give additional details.

c. Create distance - there are people who are not really toxic but would just be a “drag”.  I have a friend who would constantly declines offers in order to avoid any interactions with a specific person, and would ask me if doing so is bad. Well, I just have to give her this blog link later, I’m sure she’ll benefit from this in the future. Totally fine if you would rather spent time with other friends who are positive and contributes to you’re feeling good.

d. Not do anything at all - probably easiest among all, just remember, you don’t owe anyone an explanation. Slowly ghost out of their lives until you are no longer affected by their negativity.
IG: wlyder11
Ladies life is too short to be anything but happy, surround yourself with people who make you laugh and focus solely on the good. 


Holiday Yachting

It’s true, nothing beats the Philippines when it comes to celebrating Christmas, as soon as the BER months comes in, holiday hymns, cheers and décor will start to pop up everywhere, and people will also have that merry jolly feeling. Sadly for Filipinos oversea who are not coming home for the holidays, (me!) we scramble to make our homes, tables, even food and including our general attitude to be in that mood.  It’s double the sadness when you’re celebrating your birthday during these days that you really wish you can somehow teleport or re-celebrate your past birthdays, wished you could have done it more appreciatively with family and friends and not whine about small details over some dress or party details.  What does a girl do to have a blast, gather some really close friends and do a thing that you really wanted to do! In my case that would be yachting!  I have always wondered and hope that one day I could somehow hop into that yacht and sail away, away from the stress and busyness of the city.

With some girl friends who joined primp and style activity before, we went for it and par-tay for a day at the yacht! Happy to share our experience here.

Safety First, we were briefed about yacht rule before sailing.
Sunblock first!

Ours for the day, thanks Whitesails!

Getting ready to Sail

Mermaids for a day, we anchored at Lazarus Island to go for a swim.

A must pose on the yacht deck. 

The lower deck has this 2 sets of net, where you can sunbathe and
relax while the yacht is sailing, a fun spot to do a squad photo.

Deciding whether to jump or just pose, is
it shallow or deep. Anchored at Lazarus Island.

Wondering where I get this monokini?
There are tons of sexy, cute and fun swimwear

I say before the year ends or this coming 2017 go for what you really wish and wanted to do or experience. Trust me it will be all worth it!

Happy Holiday Ladies!


August 17, 2017

Travel Diary - Amazing Bangkok

I am beyond happy to share my recent vacation in Bangkok but before I jump to that, I am stressing out this reminder - Ladies we should take that planned vacation to allow ourselves to relax, recharge and recover from our crazy work schedules.  If you’ve been postponing your intended trip because of the loaded schedule or maybe a big factor is the budget, well please allow me to share to you how I’ve managed to pack a complete outfit for four days without spending an amount almost the same cost as the flight ticket. It’s funny but true; us girls have that habit of buying a whole new outfit for a specific vacation.  Guilty? I am too but below is how I managed to pack a 4 day outfit with minimal spending.

Day 1 - Hello Bangkok

Because we arrived noon time, and there was a long queue at the immigration, lunch was a must at the airport. Very eager to try their local food, so opted for Pad Thai and Green curry chicken, Nah for the Pad Thai but thumbs up for the green curry even though I don’t like spicy food. Now going to what I wore - opted for my long vest (link here), simple top, a pair of distressed jeans and my blush converse. This combination is comfy, I have freedom to move around, vest added to make me warm on the flight, my cost ZERO, above items were all pre-bought even before my planned travel.
Suvarnabhumi Airport - Bangkok
Somerset Park Suanplu, Sathorn Bangkok.

We capped our first night dining high, literally! The view was amazing at Zoom Sky Bar and Restaurant. Green jumpsuit was a gift from my cousin Ate Letty, when I went home to the Philippines (April). Resisted to wear it, I guess I was unconsciously waiting for the right moment. I did justice right? Long wait was paid off, the gorgeous jumpsuit is totally for a Bangkok high!

 ZOOM Sky Bar & Restaurant |Anantara Bangkok Sathorn

Rose, of course!
Day 2 - Ayutthaya
I was advised that there is a dress code when visiting Temples, they do not allow sleeveless, shorts and slippers. My pick was a on the spot moment. I know it would be hot and second day will require a lot of walking so I opted for my work out bottom, half-length leggings, and a very loose long sleeve polo shirt, paired with again with my blush converse. Cost,  nothing again on this ensemble.

Doing our best at the M pose.

Guess my long runs has paid off, I able to endure all day walks from my recent Bangkok tour.

Day 3 - City Temples and Dinner Cruise
When you go to Bangkok, do not miss out on a visit to the Grand Palace - it is crowded yes, but when you go inside, it’s all worth it. It’s true, every corner is picturesque and Instagram worthy. I will leave out the description to the travel bloggers, I just have to say, almost all corners/places around this area are snap worthy that I actually ran out of pose…ha ha kidding, now going to what I wore, I need to wear a dress at some point in my travel, so I bought this dress made of rayon challis, a light weight fabric, with very small dainty flower prints, spaghetti straps style and skirt that falls just past my knee. The place has a strict dress code so a cover up is a must, my denim long sleeve polo is a saver, which I have brought several times for travelling. Cost of the dress, $15, same footwear, and the hat was purchased some time ago, around January for $5 only during a sale event, at that time I knew I have to get it and will be able to use it during a summer or beach vacation. 

Chatuchak Market, testing my haggling skills!
Scented soaps, 3pcs for 100 Baht, got them for pasalubongs
Ending off our last night in Bangkok, I suggested having a dinner cruise. It did not disappoint, the food, the ambiance, the weather and even the performer/singer (a Filipina!) was all good. Buffet style dinner that lasted for two hours with a fellow kababayan performing, is truly a night to remember, and was a great contrast to a very chaotic day we had. What I wore was a simple office skirt, with a prominent zipper in front and a yellow crop top, both was purchased at a sale event before. 
On board the Chaophraya Princess Cruise, just before dinner.

A must try in Bangkok, Tuktuk ride, just like our very own tricycle.
L-R, yours truly, Phet and Kaz and of course our driver

Total outfit cost for day 3, $20 only!

Day 4 - Coffee dash before jetting off
Too bad the famous Mr. Jones Orphanage café located near our hotel was recently closed, so we have to get our quick caffeine fix at a small coffee shop instead. For this quick breakfast dash I opted for an all-black jumpsuit, previously bought, which I transitioned to an airport-going-home outfit. Feet were tired wearing close shoes for 3 days so a pair of slip-ons to the rescue, which I got a day before we traveled, cost me $19.90 only. I accessorize my entire outfit with a cute brown bag, just big enough to carry all our passports and money, online cost $25.

Rushing to get my caffeine fix.

Catching up on whats happening in Bangkok
All in all, it only cost me less than $100, to be exact $64.90 to update my vacation outfit. It’s just a matter of mix and matching, and when shopping, bear in mind to get pieces that matches your existing clothes. In this way you don’t have to buy a new set to pair with the one you just purchased. It also helps to visit sale events and pick out a great piece which you deem you'll use in the future.

PS - our trip was made easy because we have a tour guide, my friend Phet. She's my colleague back in my teaching days in the Philippines. She's been living in Thailand for 12 years, teaching and has learned to speak Thai language.  She has arranged for our 2 days transport and made our tour easy and comfortable by being with us. I suggest have a person who can speak Thai with you as most of the locals cannot or do not speak English very well. Leave a comment below if you’re interested in her Thailand touring assistance.

Khop khun kha Thailand, you are amazing!